Innovation Square. Innovation and Community Redefined located in the heart of north central Florida in Gainesville, a recognized young, smart, livable and vibrant community which is home to the University of Florida, one of the nation's premier research institutions.

...located two blocks from the University of Florida and six blocks from Gainesville's revitalized downtown. redefining the idea of how research with the University of Florida and Gainesville's innovation community become one eco-system.

...designed to bring all the elements together to empower forward thinking people, companies and entrepreneurs to create, develop and commercialize their life changing discoveries, while enjoying true town living for an exceptional quality of life.

Innovation Square is a community that brings research and business together to inspire people to think bigger. Encouraging different disciplines to interact. Allowing researchers to work smarter. Unleashing Creativity. Accelerating the development of new ideas. Stimulating discovery of break through technology which is greater than the sum of its parts...

Exponentially Greater



A 40 acre urban master plan for a modern live/work/play research and innovation community. Developing over five million square feet of office, research, and hi-tech space with residences, retail, hotel and open space that connect the University of Florida with downtown Gainesville. Fusing the private sector with the University of Florida, through access to cutting edge research and information, creating opportunity to collaborate with talented researchers in a place that is recognized for transferring new ideas to the marketplace. Establishing a super business incubator that is connecting entrepreneurs with working capital, attracting the smartest people for a well trained workforce of tomorrow and establishing new relationships with forward thinking companies to change the way we live, work and play. Creating a connection with Gainesville's youthful, growing, culturally rich, diverse city with an affordable quality of life, that offers, premier healthcare, top schools and great career opportunity.


Innovation Square and Gainesville are a great place to call home for business and family.