Collegial Partners Make Great Neighbors.

University of Florida

The University of Florida offers unparalleled resources for bringing breakthrough ideas from inception to fruition.

UF is on a course to become a Top 5 university. Gainesville is starting to define what it means to be a new American city. These goals are deeply linked, and the Innovation District offers mutual benefit to our professional, academic, and civic communities.

The Gainesville Innovation District is sponsored by the University of Florida’s Development Corporation in conjunction with various university and community partners. The District is designed to bring researchers, visionaries, and doers together. This intersection of knowledge and imagination will stimulate economic growth and cultural vibrancy, gain interest from businesses in other cities, and persuade new graduates to stick around.

With UF on their doorstep, businesses in the District have unique access to specialized equipment and vast intellectual resources. And by capitalizing on UF’s massive research engine, we are increasing technology transfer and influencing city redevelopment in Gainesville and beyond.


In 2017, UF received $806 million in research funds. Hello, data.


UF is number one in technology transfer among public universities.


UF helped launch more than 190 startups based on researchers’ technologies in 15 years.


70% of UF undergraduates find jobs or plan to seek employment in the State of Florida.