Innovation Square, Tumblin Creek Park & the 9th Street Green Way

Where Research & Entrepreneurship Enjoy.

Where can people, entrepreneurs and researchers connect, collaborate and discover through collision –

Innovation Square Park links the urban blocks of high density research enterprises in Innovation Square through an open greenway, forming a 9th Street which defines new innovative sustainable features for today’s modern urban research community. Connecting with Tumblin Creek Park, this linear urban greenway brings the natural environment into urban life at Innovation Square. People can enjoy a quick conversation on the street, grab a moment to talk further on a bench or find time to enjoy a relaxing walk.

Providing a connection with Downtown Gainesville through pedestrian routes Innovation Square Park and Tumblin Creek Park interconnect with Depot Park for recreation and enjoyment of the natural landscape.

Whether someone lives, works or plays in Innovation Square the essential element of connecting the natural surroundings to inspire activity is a foundation of the vision and Gainesville’s community.