Innovation Gainesville

A City Behind Innovation

Rarely will you see an entire city behind the idea of fostering an environment of innovation, while promoting a better quality of life for all those residing there. Led by the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Gainesville efforts have helped the city to become a regional and national hub for science, technology, and economic innovation development.

It is Innovation Gainesville mission to:

  • Harness innovation in Gainesville area
  • Create jobs in health and green technologies
  • Raise the standard of living for all

Innovation Gainesville is an important support initiative to Innovation Square in its efforts to attract the best minds from outside of the area, while also retaining the best and the brightest from the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. Through its activities to develop a business-friendly environment through harnessing all the resources of the city, Innovation Gainesville provides entrepreneurs and forward‚Äźthinking companies the tools needed for success in the right environment.