Downtown Gainesville

Vibrant and Revitalized.

Ever on the move to strive for a better community and quality of life for all, Gainesville continues to build on its rich history, charming traditions and many resources to produce one of the premier educational and research environments in the world. Gainesville initiated a revitalization effort a number of years ago to transform a typical college town into an energized tech transfer city. Gainesville is successfully meeting the desire for livable, walkable, adaptable, and sustainable places to live, work, and play. These are the very principles that cultivate and stimulate innovation and economic development today.

Gainesville’s dedication to quality of life is evident in the revitalized vibrant downtown area. Downtown Gainesville is a place to gather with friends and family, enjoy outdoor spaces, walk beneath the canopy of age old live oak trees and dine outdoors at one of the many restaurants and cafes. Along with unique shops and boutiques, Gainesville’s downtown area has art galleries to visit, performing arts venues to enjoy live shows, a farmer’s market to shop for fresh local fare, an art walk to stimulate the mind, and a startā€up gathering where entrepreneurs connect to exchange innovative ideas at a local hot spot.

Downtown Gainesville is easy to get to from Innovation Square by just walking from six blocks away. Its urban blocks of new and renovated old buildings are served by convenient parking, multiple transit routes, and a rails-to-trails network of bicycle paths, which link with the surrounding neighborhoods.

A hub of activity by day and evening, downtown Gainesville offers visitors and residents events at Bo Diddley Community Plaza and the historic Hippodrome Theater, Union Street Station, the Matheson museum, a charming bed & breakfast district, an annual historic homes tour, and a fall downtown festival and spring arts event. There’s something for everyone from family, children, retired or young adults, downtown Gainesville serves as the gathering place for community life.