Connections, Options and Career Opportunities

Career potential at Innovation Square and in Gainesville is exponential ...

Whether an individual is beginning, changing, reinventing or advancing a career, Innovation Square is designed to be the right environment for incubating and developing careers to improve the lives of many. It is a prime location to learn, connect with resources and develop innovative paths for individuals in the private sector. Gainesville has long been recognized nationally for it's ability to foster opportunity for people to advance professionally as home to Santa Fe College and UF . As a community, Gainesville is an important partner in creating opportunity for all sectors of the economy. Innovation Square is a critical part of the ecosystem for career growth and advancement opportunities to connect talented individuals with forward-thinking companies and start-ups. Developing resources for individuals to realize their full potential, the Gainesville community, Santa Fe College, and the University of Florida are building on a rich tradition of valuing innovation for individuals and businesses. Discovering new paths to enable companies to locate the right individuals to grow and creating new options for individuals to empower professional advancement is why Innovation Square is exponentially greater.

University of Florida

UF is recognized by recruiters as a top place to find qualified graduates. It is a highly ranked institution to start college and earn advanced degrees. UF is one of three universities with every discipline on campus.

Innovation Academy

IA is UF's newest program to stimulate entrepreneurship in all academic disciplines. Training the next generation in creativity, leadership, and communication to fill the needs of the private sector in the future.

Career Resource Center

CRC is UF's resource for connecting talented graduates and alumni with opportunities and assisting all levels of students in career advancement.

Santa Fe College

SFC transfers more students to UF than any other college. Santa Fe provides access to two- and four-year degrees, along with technical and specialized continuing education programs for industry.

Entrepreneurship Academy

EA is SFC's newest program to stimulate entrepreneurship of motivated students to create their own success by start-up of a business.

Perry Center for Emerging Technologies

SFC's Perry Center serves as a hub of training for technology opportunities in the science and tech sectors, providing graduates with skills and knowledge for the latest advancements.

Florida Works

Florida Works assists education, business and individuals through providing programs to create a ready, skilled, and trained workforce. Connecting business with talent, providing specialized training and instruction enables industry to grow and bring products and services to market faster with the best people.

Gainesville Area Innovation Network

GAIN is a social media network for innovative forward thinking people to connect, educate, and foster entrepreneurial enterprise to change the world.