Why so many put their money where our ideas are

The story of Gatorade's success is known worldwide. In more recent years, the greater Gainesville area has become a mecca for those who recognize the business potential of financing revolutionary ideas that translate into practical products. The University of Florida is committed to transferring as much of its technology as possible so that research generated in our laboratories can be delivered in viable, functional products and services that benefit society and create a substantial demand.

Housed in the university's Office of Technology Licensing, UF TechConnect® is a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors seeking new opportunities, and a catalyst for new business creation. It also helps investors identify startup firms that need funding and are well positioned to generate a suitable return on their investment.

A magnet for entrepreneurs and investors

An excellent example of UF technology paving the way for profit as well as public safety is Smart Structures, Inc.. Based on embedded wireless sensor technology created at the university, this relatively young company develops and sells advanced systems that test and monitor the nation's physical infrastructure, including highways, bridges, tunnels and large-scale buildings. As of January 1, 2010, the State of Florida began fully deploying the company's technology on every municipal construction project.

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