New, Improved & Breakthrough

Innovation Square offers technology-based companies an unprecedented opportunity to improve their existing products and create line extensions of current offerings by accessing and implementing the University of Florida's wealth of research and resources.

Each year, more than 4,000 scientists and scholars at the university conduct nearly $700 million in research. Eighty biotechnology companies have emerged from UF research initiatives.

University of Florida research has contributed extensively to nearly every field of endeavor. UF researchers have pioneered new therapies and better treatments in the fights against aging and disease.

They have developed renewable energy sources that offer greater promise in reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels. They have engineered healthier foods, more energy-efficient and sustainable construction techniques and better ways to protect the environment.

Local Access. Global Opportunities.

Literally within walking distance of the university, Innovation Square is in an ideal location for developers wanting to build where research continues to grow, both figuratively and literally.

On a local level, this extraordinary new facility will do more than just bridge the area between downtown and the university. The new and existing relationships between UF research and private industry will inevitably fuel growth, diversity, and discoveries within the university and throughout Gainesville, creating a platform for global expansion and sustainable job growth.

Contact: University of Florida Development Corporation

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