$8.76 billion
Total Economic Impact
106,118 Jobs
Direct and Indirect
$672 million
Sponsored Research

UF is a Major Player

You've probably heard that "The Gator Nation is everywhere." What you may not realize is the University of Florida's direct impact on its own state's economy. UF has an overall impact of $8.76 billion on Florida each year and provides more than 106,000 jobs directly and indirectly.

To put those numbers in perspective, the university's impact on the state is as large as Florida's spectator sports industry - which includes professional football, basketball and baseball -- as well as NASCAR.

Innovation Hub was made possible by an $8.2 federal grant and a $5 million commitment from the University of Florida.

The ripple effect of jobs associated with housing rentals, book-stores, hoteliers, food and office suppliers, and store clerks, among others, creates 106,118 jobs and breaks down as follows:

jobs chart

Research and Entrepreneurship

The return for every state dollar invested in UF
UF’s research and development spending in 2009 totaled $592 million - 42 percent of the total for all 11 Florida public universities.
UF ranks 15th in research and development expenditures among U.S. universities.
UF ranks 7th among all universities - public and private - in the number of U.S. patents awarded.
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